HR on Tap

HR Support Helping Small and Medium Sized Businesses to…

  • fix tricky employee situations
  • get the right structure in place for your business
  • increase employee performance
  • get the results you need through pragmatic, business focused advice and processes

Meet Chantal!

Chantal Wellavize has helped dozens of businesses over the past 18 years with HR on Tap.

Her passion is in helping small to medium sized businesses to cut through the jargon and the scary stuff to find pragmatic solutions to problems.

Let’s face it, nobody goes into business wanting to become an HR and employment law expert, right? (Well except umm… HR and employment law experts!)

As a business owner herself, clients testify that Chantal is able to crucially link the law to business reality. No ivory towers here!


  • 0345 163 2155

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