Actually… It’s Not About Us!

It’s about YOU and what kind of support you need. We exist to make your life easier, to take away the technical and legal confusion around people management, and to help you IMPLEMENT the things that your business needs to ultimately increase your profits. Don’t know where to start? No problem, we can work out your priorities together.

Flexible On and Off-Site Support

The problem with employment helplines is twofold:

  1. you get guidance on what to do to comply with the law, but sometimes you need more than that – someone who can sit down with you, talk strategy, draw diagrams, be proactive, find solutions that are geared towards your business goals, pick up when you’re not confident with how to do something, walk you through a process, sit in on a disciplinary as note taker, or even DO the investigation, hold the consultation meeting, write the letter, IMPLEMENT HR. We do that as much or as little as you need.
  2. you often don’t have the same person at the end of the phone each time. At HR on Tap you know exactly who you’re dealing with and your consultant knows you too. Your HR on Tap consultant gets to know your business, understands the challenges you face and can tailor the advice with a much more complete context.

In fact, it’s the best of both worlds. With HR on Tap it’s like having your own HR Director, Employee Relations expert, Recruitment Manager AND employment helpline, all in one integrated service at far less cost than employing just one of those specialists! Think of it this way… if you were to recruit an HR Manager, you still wouldn’t have the strategic expertise of an HR Director. But with an HR Director, do they want to spend their time supporting disciplinaries and recruitment? Not really.

Now imagine access to that level of expertise for less than the salary of an HR Administrator…

Sound good?

Who We Help: Example Case Studies

Leisure & Events Centre: This client has retained our services for several years. For them, their management team are pretty competent at dealing with the day to day HR issues that arise, but sometimes they need advice or extra support. Over the years we’ve supported them both remotely by phone and email and on-site when needed for issues such as redundancies, restructures, recruitment, TUPE, management training, contractual changes, disciplinaries, tribunal defence, as well as regularly reviewing and updating their contracts of employment and staff handbook.

Pharmacy: This client is a small business, with around 18 employees. It’s the typical story of a talented professional in their field, who suddenly finds themselves in charge of managing people. That’s not why they trained to be a pharmacist! Recognising that people management is a specialism all of its own, we were brought in on a retained basis to deal with the tougher stuff. Sometimes we’ve led the hard conversations for them, other times we’ve been there at their side, coaching them through how to handle consultations and being there to answer any complex or technical questions. The client also has the peace of mind of knowing that whenever they need help, their fixed-fee retainer means we’ll be there either at the end of the phone or in person, without them having to worry about racking up a huge bill.

Prototype Design Company: Proof that even 5 employees can prove challenging at times! We have supported this client on-site in redundancy consultation meetings, sat in on Board meetings to discuss key HR issues, kept their contractual documents up to date and advised, taken up reference checks for new starters and advised on issues from maternity to disability risk assessments, performance improvement to bonus schemes.

Restaurants: A multi-site business where we designed and implemented HR measures to understand where the priorities were – monthly HR stats showed which sites had an employee motivation problem, recruitment difficulties or out of control labour costs. We then combined that with an employee survey and used the collated information to develop an HR strategy that linked in to overall business goals.


Tailored To Achieve Your Business Goals

Our retained service is flexible and covers the full range of HR. It’s like having your own HR department at a fraction of the cost. We don’t just advise, we help you to implement. Whether your focus is on cost reduction, performance improvement, legal compliance, employee engagement or a mixture of the lot, we’d love to help you achieve your goals.

To find out how we can help you, contact us.


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